Transition in Style!

We know you might not be ready to think about Fall, but stores are already getting their transition and Fall pieces in. Yes, you get some good sales out of the switch, but mixing your old wardrobe with the new pieces can get a little tricky…unless you get a little creative.

So you’re loving a new silk print that just arrived at your favorite store, but the colors are a bit fall-ish for the end of July. If you’re wearing it to brunch, out for drinks or during your next vacay, pair it with white jeans & wedges to lighten the top and make it more summer appropriate. Wearing it to the office? Put it with your favorite pair of cropped dress pants or a light colored skirt and nude heels. Problem solved!

Seeing a gorgeous sweater that you must have, but it feels weird to buy it when it’s 90 degrees outside? Hesitate no longer! Almost all transitional sweaters (cardigans and pullovers) look great tossed over a tank with a pair of boyfriend or frayed ankle jeans, so bring your new favorite sweater along for those plans that take you from summer heat to cool summer evenings. Or when you just can’t take the restaurant’s air conditioning any longer, you’ll have this fabulous sweater to keep you warm. If nothing else, you know your size won’t be available if you wait too long to buy it – that’s motivation enough to get in on the sweater action, even in July!

Here’s where it gets easy! We think transition dresses great for taking from season to season because you can change its look with shoes, jewelry and accessories. Pair a light heel or wedge with it to add more of a summer vibe to the look. Add lighter jewelry, either a rose or yellow gold, or something with a colorful stone. Then, when the weather shifts, darken those accessories to fit the colder season. Voila!

For any other tips, send us a message or pop in to the store. Your summer, transition and fall wardrobes don’t have to be separate, especially since weather these days is so unpredictable!

Happy Shopping!

the girls at Cinnamon

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