Dressing Down Your Dress Up Pieces

With summer officially here, dresses & skirts seem to be the easiest (and coolest) go-to for many women.  One of my favorite things to do is take pieces that I love and make them more versatile.  Some dresses & skirts do need to remain more “special occasions,” but for those that can act as both…wear it a casual way!

Accessories are the way to transform a dress/skirt from day to night or vice versa.  By taking a fancier wedge down to a fun sneaker, you’ve just given your look a day-time feel.

Shoes I suggest to make your dressy pieces a bit more casual:
* Seavees – sold in plain or a subtle camo at Cinnamon
* Simple two-strap mini wedge or flat
* Slip-on sneaker
* Toe-less bootie

Accessories to throw on with your look:
* Toss on a great wicker hat or visor
* Get a cool denim jacket (white, gray, blue)
* A chunky, fun necklace that can tie into your shoe color is always a “go”
* Find a great lip color that feels summery & adds flare to your dress/skirt
* Try a loose fitting dress with a belt to give it a different shape

Change up your skirt:
* T-shirt!  A gray v-neck is my absolute favorite
* Give it a twist on one side of your hip and tuck in for a slimming, yet cool way to keep your shirt in.  (The angle of the tee gives any shape a nice look)
* Graphic tee’s are all the rage, so join the fun with them
* Try out a cool cut out back or detailed tee

Next time you think your dress or skirt should be saved for something special, just give it a whirl and try it a new way!  Cinnamon has such feminine, yet funky pieces that make my “making the most of your wardrobe” so effortless.  It’s certainly my one stop shop for very casual, wedding-wear, and anything in-between.  Any fashion questions you may have – feel free to reach out to me at annie@notjustanniestyle.com

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